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One of the most impactful ways we can serve others is through our time. As the most limited resource on the planet, time spent in the pursuit of assisting others is never wasted. 


Dedicating time with Real World Impact can take on a number of forms, from becoming a dedicated prayer partner to jumping on board a future trip to Rwanda. 


If you are interested in sharing your time to this cause, feel free to let us know at



Want to find a place where you can use your God-given skills to effectively help a worthy cause? We would love to work with you.


Too often we hear of people volunteering at organizations and simply winding up standing around or doing busy work. That's not the way it works here! 


You tell us what you're good at or want to do and we'll find a place for you.  With the wide range of projects and passions, there's sure to be a need that you can best fill.


Accountant? Great! 

Video production/graphic design? Super! 

Construction/contractor? You rock! 

Hair/makeup styliest? We can use you!


Whatever it is, let us know at and we can help you find a way to effectively leverage your gifts in the service of others! 




Have you heard enough and want to jump onboard with us? Then feel free to click the button below to donate now. 


We are not a typical sponsorship model. We don't want to simply throw money at a challenge. 


Every project is undertaken with the expectation that it is sustainable, that it will improve the community, and that it will allow the benefactors with the ability to leverage education and assistance to be left in a better place than when we started.


Now who wouldn't want to partner with that?! 



Do you believe in the projects, causes, and people we are focused on and want to partner with us in their success? 


Let us know at There are many group volunteer opportunities, trips, and fundraising efforts in which we can work together to help extend the impact. 

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