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Rwanda Hope: Sustainable Chicken Farm

Currently our primary project focus, the development of a sustainable chicken farm is the product of collaborative research and relationships. 


Beginning with an initial investment of $50,000, the chicken farm is projected to provide a nearly 200% return on investment within 18 months and produce roughly $100,000 in consistent annual revenue within 4 and a half years, thereby providing job opportunities, community growth, and funds to help meet the needs of more than 200 orphans. 


Check out the formal project overview to learn more. 


Nehemiah Association Stationary Shop

Started by Jean D'amour, president of the Nehemiah Association, and his family, the "Kaiden Stationary Shop" in Butare, Rwanda provides an opportunity to support a man who has given his life to caring for orphans in his community. 

Peace Water Training Classes

Leveraging the Peace Water curriculum and "Just Water" filters, Real World Impact coordinate and conducts classes focused on hygiene, community impact, and water purification. To learn more about the curriculum please visit To learn more about the filters visit To take part in or help teach future classes, please learn how you can Get Involved

Kidsconomy Entrepreneur Education

Curriculum developed by Real World Impact, Kidsconomy is a unique approach to teaching fundamental business and entrepreneurial skills. Initially designed for kids and teens, this curriculum has been used to teach people of all ages around the world, and continues to provide the backbone for all business development supported by Real World Impact. Click here to find out how you can take part in or use the Kidsconomy curriculum at an event near you, or to even get your own business kit! 

Rwanda Multi-Learning Centre

Overseen by Moses Kiyendeye, the Rwanda Multi-Learning Centre (RMLC) educates and equips young vulnerable orphans in Rwanda through English proficiencey, computer, business, and music skills, and talent discovery. 


"Capacity Building for the Present & Future Generation," the RMLC approach continues to grow into a key approach to empowering orphans across Rwanda.  


Our future plans are to leverage project profits to expand the capacity of the RMLC, and also foster the students' talents to identify and launch additional successful projects. To learn more visit the RMLC at or find how to Get Involved

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