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Real World Impact is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on the mission of encouraging, educating, and creating sustainable life improvements for impoverished people around the world.


Critically focused on the ideal of “teaching someone to fish,” Real World Impact focuses on business and fundamental life skills education in order to promote growth within families, churches, and communities.  Through long-lasting relationships focused in local communities, we have developed trust and continue to be given broad opportunities to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Throughout our history, a primary focus of Real World Impact has been centered on the people of Rwanda. Burdened by the tragic genocide occurring in 1994, Rwanda (“The Land of a Thousand Hills”) is a beacon of light within an area of the world typically identified by suffering and strife. Directed by Christian leaders and boasting a stable, prosperous, and growing economic environment, Rwanda offers opportunities for success unlike any time in its history. By providing both spiritual and tangible resources in the communities we serve, we believe we are in a position to empower Rwandans. 


Real World Impact was created in the wake of the sudden and tragic passing of Kim Fischbach in order to foster his memory and further his mission. 


Since its founding in 2010, Real World Impact has developed a pioneering curriculum dedicated to teaching critical business and entrepreneurial skills, conducted classes focused on hygiene, community sanitation, and water purification, helped launch successful small businesses led by orphans and leaders in the community, and much more. We continue to work with and support many Rwandan groups including the Nehemiah Association, the Rwanda Multi-Learning Centre, the Glory of Christ Church and their 9 local congregations throughout Rwanda, and more. 

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